VSVA CH Aros Enchanting Eloise Elbereth RN HT SWA RATO CGCA CGCU TKA NW2

This is the little vallgirl that started it all.  She is my first vallhund, and boy what an awesome example of the breed!  She is smart, beautiful, hardworking, and a joy to have around.  She has done well in every sport we've tried, and continues to amaze me daily. 

She finished her CH before the age of 2, and has earned titles in rally obedience, herding, barn hunt, tricks, and nose work.  We are currently also working towards titles in AKC scent work and agility.  She spends lots of time as a demo dog for the training classes I teach, and I cant wait to see where the rest of her show career takes us! 


She is at heart, a working dog, and loves to try any new activity I can throw her way.  Her tenacity and rock solid temperament make me thank my lucky stars every day for this special girl!


Hips: Good 2015

Eyes: Normal 2017

My Parents

Blaze & Camie

 CH Osafin Blaze To Glory
GCH CH Solborg Camellia Baggins Av Aros  "Camie"

Mother and Daughter

Daddy and Daughter