Hoagie is our first dog as a family, and the reason that I am on the canine path I am.  We adopted this handsome guy from the county shelter at the age of two and he forever changed our lives.

This cute little mixed breed came to us with all the high drive and attitude of the border collies and corgis presumed to be in his lineage.  Through lots of patience and training he has become a stellar partner in a number of sports, as well as a sweet boy to have in the house.  We have weathered our share of challenges together, but at the end of the day, I wouldn't trade him for the world.

We are still working on earning his NW3 title in NACSW Nose Work, having earned his NW2 and NW3 Container and Vehicle Element titles.  Hoagie is however, enjoying retirement from his obedience days.  Earning his RN was a huge achievement for this pound puppy.  He still enjoys doing tricks, recently earning his Advanced Trick Dog title.  He has done freestyle dance for many years, having performed as a demo dog on numerous occasions.

His favorite activities include practicing nose work, tricks, playing ball, and maintaining his status as a world renowned lizard hunter.

Hoagie RN TKA NW2

Canine Musical Freestyle Performance