Pretzel came into our lives a bit unexpectedly, but I cant imagine a house without this little cutie.  He is of course a very rare Atascadero Chi-Peke Shihtz Terrier (Heinz 57) and is a world class blanket stealer, snuggler, and intruder alarm.

He is now retired due to health concerns, but enjoyed a successful agility career and remains a happy an active little guy.  He now competes in rally obedience and nose work, but spends most of his time keeping tabs on Eloise and rearranging couch cushions.  He is Eloise's BFF, and does his best to keep up with her busy Vallhund mandated play schedule. Additionally, he makes an excellent photography subject and actually seems to enjoy dressing up for pictures. 


This little guy has certainly charmed his way into all our hearts, and we wouldn't have it any other way!